FAQs & Rules


What happens if my event is rained out or otherwise affected by weather?

The renter may cancel the rental at any time due to weather. After the renter has accepted the castle we have met our obligation to furnish the equipment and no rain checks are given.

What days and times are you available?

During the week, we are available from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. We call all voicemails back as soon as possible!

Rentals are available from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. The latest we will pick up is 9 p.m. We do NOT do any overnight delivers. For customer safety and liability, we no longer allow customer pickups.

We normally do a 30-mile delivery radius around Abilene. However, depending on other bookings and time we may be able to go further, please contact us for more details. There is a delivery fee if you are outside of the Abilene city limits.

Is there a cancellation fee?

There is a $50 cancellation fee if cancelled for any reason other than rain or wind.

Do you accommodate multi-day events, or is each day separate?

Each day is separate. We cannot leave a castle overnight.

Can I book you for as long as I like on a given day, or are there set time blocks?

We do 2, 3, and 4 hour rentals for bounce houses. The obstacle course and water slides are 4 hour rentals. You can always add more time for an extra fee. The weekends are much easier for us to deliver. Some weekends are more busy than others. If you need one during the week, we need about a 4 week notice to make sure we can do it. All others are available until 8 p.m., which is the latest we will pick up. Contact for more details.

How far outside of Abilene do you deliver?

Normally, we only go about 30 miles outside of Abilene. We do make exceptions. If you rent more than one castle for more than 4 hours, we can usually accommodate you. If you are more than 30 miles from Abilene, call for more information. There is a delivery fee if you are outside the Abilene city limits.

What methods of payment do you accept?

Cash only, unless otherwise discussed.

Do you require a deposit?

No, we do not require deposits.

Can you deliver to parks or apartments?

We will set up at Festival Gardens or inside rec centers. We will set up at parks for events such as March of Dimes, for example. We will not set up at a park for a birthday party due to insurance reasons.

Are you available for multiple events per day?

We can accommodate multiple events in a day, and are equipped to rent more than one castle at the same time. As long as the castle is available, and we have the personnel needed for delivery, don’t hesitate to book!

How many kids does each inflatable hold?

Most of them hold an average of about 10 kids. Some hold more. The smaller castles only hold about 6-8 young children.

Are you insured?

Yes. We have insurance. In Texas, the law requires you have insurance to legally run an air castle business.

How much space must be set aside at my event for an air castle?

Depends on which castle. For most of them, if you think two vehicles could fit easily in an area (think the size of a two car driveway), the castle will fit fine.  Also, low hanging power lines and branches need to be considered.

Do you provide generators?

No. We prefer not to use them.

Am I responsible if someone gets injured, or if the air castle gets damaged?

It is normal for us to have to get repairs done. That is part of renting inflatables for kids to play on! If you notice anything tearing, please let us know. If the castle is damaged as a result of the rules not being followed, you will be responsible. We are not responsible for any injury or any damage to personal property as outlined in our contracts.

Are the air castles guaranteed to be clean?

Every time a castle is picked up, it is cleaned. That way, the next time it goes out, it’s ready!

Do you provide extension cords and water hoses?

Yes. We provide one 50 foot extension cord with every blower and one 50 foot water hose with every water slide.

What types of ground surfaces are acceptable for set up?

Nothing sharp! We prefer to set up on grass, but can do asphalt, or dirt. We will not set up on concrete since we can not stake the castle down. The area must be free of anything sharp and/or animal droppings. If we are setting up in a yard and you have a sprinkler system, please try to know where those lines are! We anchor our castles into the ground and are not responsible for any damages.

How late in the season can I rent a water slide?

We typically stop renting water slides around the end of October, and resume renting them in the spring. It ultimately depends on the weather.




  1. Always be sure riders have removed shoes and sharp objects.
  2. Do not allow riders to play or climb on outside walls, sides, or roof of the unit, nor inside rafters.
  3. No food, drinks, pets or water inside the units. ($100 Cleaning fee will apply)
  4. Never put a water hose in, spray on or get in with wet clothes or swim suits. (See contract for cleaning charge of wet units.)
  5. An adult must be present at all times, to supervise riders. Door must be zipped shut when occupied!
  6. In case of extreme high winds, remove riders and unplug the motor and extension from the wall outlet.
  7. Do not turn motor off and on repeatedly, as this will burn out the motor.
  8. Unit must be tied down on level surface and not closer than 4 feet to any fixed object.
  9. Never play or jump on partially inflated unit.
  10. Always follow number of riders listed on contract.
  11. Be sure to remove all personal items from the unit. We are not responsible for their return. (Including Children)
  12. Never add more extension cords to the motor or move the unit without first obtaining an OK from Air Castles by Andrea.
  13. We do NOT do any overnight deliveries.
  14. For customer safety and liability, we no longer allow customers to pick up inflatables.
  15. We normally do a 30-mile delivery radius around Abilene. However, depending on other bookings and time we may be able to go farther. Please contact us for more details. There is a delivery fee if you are outside of the Abilene city limits.